By Doppelgangster
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Q&A | Antonia, Performer

What’s you name?

Antonia Teodora Nadragila

Tell us briefly about Choke Me?

It was about pollution in Sheffield and had an apocalyptic vibe about it. The rehearsals were really fun to do and I liked that we had a say in the choreography.

How long has Pollution been in the air for you?

I guess I always knew about it, but I can’t say I have thought about it so seriously. I wanted to work with Dopplegangster is because I was quite intrigued by their work and their contemporaneity in theatre.

How would you say Choke Me differed to other shows you’ve worked on?

I liked that the show was really symbolistic and the audience could interpret how they liked the show.

What issues are on your radar at the moment?

I guess the environment of course, but also politics, inequality between gender and race

How did you approach the culture shock of the show?

To be honest I tried to not think about it and just have fun with the fact that everyone must be very confused right now.

How did you expect audiences to respond to Choke Me?

I definitely knew that this is not a show for everyone. I was quite worried about the balloon scene, but fortunately, nobody got punched in the face.

Can you remember when you first joined the project what you wanted?

I didn’t know what to expect from this show when I joined so I took it as a challenge. One of the thighs I wanted to achieve as part of my course was actually to sing and dance on stage which I both achieved in Choke me in like the first weeks of uni. Plus much more confidence in performing a contemporary play.