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Q&A | Kiera Q&A | Kiera

Q&A | Kiera Rhodes, Stage Manager

1/ Can you give us a bit of a rundown on your theatrical past?

Started in my local pantomime when I was about 14. I then went on to study Performing Arts at Coleg Ceredigion where my love of backstage began. I started to help out with the backstage elements with my local Panto and even operated tech at the Machynlleth Comedy Festival. Starting Uni, I helped out with the sound in Hattie Naylor’s ‘Dead’ and since then was asked to operate the tech for many student performances. Finishing uni, I was hired as an extra technician to tech shows at the performance lab when there is no other technician available, which I thoroughly enjoy doing. I have some experience as a stage manager from ‘Revolt. She Said. Revolt Again.’ and ‘The Tempest’ but those jobs didn’t encompass the role of stage manager as the professional world, nor my experience with ‘Choke Me’ did. They were more of a stepping stone into the role of stage manager.

2/ What made you want to do Choke me? For real tho.

I was bored sitting at home all day and honestly having something to do, even if it wasn’t a job was better than doing nothing. It was also an opportunity to do something I love: backstage stuff.

3/ What were you hoping to achieve with Choke Me? Personally but also what about the project itself.

Something to do so I wasn’t sat at home doing nothing. Some experience backstage with a professional theatre company. I was not expecting to be placed in the role of stage manager.
I hoped to achieve the smooth running of operations for the entirety of the rehearsal and performance period, to create a well rounded final product to show to a paying audience.

4/ How would you describe the style of theatre of Doppelgangster?

Doesn’t always get the point across, but creates a spectacle in trying to do so.
Unusual, WTF, confusing, fun, funny.

5/ Do you see a further life for this? Eg do you want to tour this show or make more shows like it yourself?

The show could/should tour as it is not entirely specific to Sheffield. Parts that are, can be changed or left depending on whether it is felt it is needed to be specific to the location. It gets the point across that we’re all gonna die if we don’t stop polluting, it may be argued this is enough without changing the little parts

6/ If you could make just one thing go up in smoke, what would it be and why?

Bigotry. It hurts people that are already weakened and hurting. It makes shitty people feel better about themselves for making other people feel shit. It doesn’t help anyone. Make it go away. Poof.

Thank you, Kiera.

Thank you, anonymous company email.