By Doppelgangster
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Q&A | Georgina Beresford, Performer

1/ Was it your intention, before Choke Me, to get into this experimental postdramatic and political performance work?

When I signed up for it, I didn’t really understand how it would work, but I really wanted to give it a go and to learn a different performance style. I missed performing over the summer and want to give all performances a go. This work was different from anything I had done before and wanted to give it a go to see if I would enjoy it or not. it has also made me more motivated to do performances that I am passionate about.

2/ Do you get bored easily? Tell us about it.

I tend to get bored easily. my attention span is not the best at times and sometimes I have to really focused in order to stay attentive and engaged in what is going on.
I tend to zone out and let my mind wander for a few minutes and then I am able to re-engage in what’s going on around me.

3/ What inspired you to move in this direction; and join Doppelgangster for the Choke Me project?

it was something different. it was a very thought provoking, engaging subject that would have an influence on the views to hopefully persuade them to make a difference. this is the sort of work that I enjoy doing and watching myself and wanted to join so that I would get the chance to try and make a difference in this world.

4/ The show was rated 14+ and advertised as not being family friendly. Did you ask your family to come anyway? Was it a strictly adult affair?

I invited my brother and mum to come and see the performance. I was not sure about this at first because of some of the content. but they both thoroughly enjoyed it. as well as seeing me in something so far away from anything I had done before.

5/ What are your thoughts about the experience of making this independent work (Choke Me!)

I enjoyed the creative process thoroughly, and was amazed at how quickly it all came together and the standard of the performance was so high.

6/ We’re known for site-specific work that borders on protest, Choke Me was in a theatre. Do you think the theatre can be a site of protest?

I do think that theater can be a site of protest because no matter where you are performing you can have an impact on the audace in a positive manner. when theatre is draws in so many people why would you miss the opportunity to reach such a browed amount of people.

7/ You’ve just finished your first performance season with Doppelgangster. Do you have any stand out memories of the live shows?

On the last night when a phone plug ended up on the stage somehow and with in the movement and travel that I would normally do. managed to pick it up without anyone standing or kicking it. and throw it under the stage when i moved to it.
I thoroughly enjoyed the swan sean every night just because it was abstract and fun to do.
setting off the fire alarms was always a highlight, as well as not being able to see 5 foot in front of me because of the smoke machine.
throwing the beach balls at the audiences just because they never expected it.
singing choke me with harry because it was always enjoyable and brought so much energy as well as being able to go completely wild on stage. same with quartermaster when i did windmill arms at the end. I was able to just let go and run free with it.